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This project is for those of the Diaspora who, like Lisandro Suriel, are curious about the complexity of the Black body in The New World.  While the story of the diaspora finds its roots in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the real diasporic identity far extends the visible vestiges of empire. Many stories of and about our past have evaded documentation and remain shrouded by the violence of oppression. Ghost Island is for those who question paradigm and ever wondered who they really are.  

Contributions are needed to fund the research for this project and to create content. We are collecting and logging local lore, from various regions in the Caribbean and the Americas. This way, a survey is carried out that helps us to understand of the scope of the collective consciousness.  Furthermore, the findings are expressed in surreal art photography and film. This is the most expensive part to which most of the proceeds will go. 

Support for this project would mean so much, not only to the artist, but also to entire communities. Ghost Island is a way in which diasporic peoples can reclaim their past and tell their own narrative. With your donation you are contributing to a collective expression of a forgotten identity; something that is beyond monetary value. 

Along the way, Ghost Island tries to give back to the community directly with talks and presentations about its findings regarding diasporic identity. Already on November 13th 2018, we gave a presentation about Ghost island and stimulated a discourse on identity with students of Quilombos at UFRB in Feira de Santana, Brazil.

There is so much to achieve, and so many to reach with this project. Therefore any amount is welcome and fundamental to Ghost Island.

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Thank you.

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We are also looking for immaterial donations of any kind, especially in the form of narrative.  Please share your knowledge with us. Together we can all contribute to the imagination of the Diaspora!  This can be anything from legends and mythologies to folkloric stories. We are also in search of personal stories about spiritual experiences or paranormal encounters, and visions. Please feel free to write in your preferred language. 

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